27 August 2006


The Unspoken Casualties of the War in Iraq is a real life account of soldiers that are returning from Iraq with cancer. This is about life after Iraq with an Army Captain Chaplain and her sister, a writer. This chronological report of cancer in the military, follows Sister Soldier as she battles cancer; a casualty many soldiers are returning from Iraq with unbeknownst to the public and unacknowledged by the military. With soldiers being exposed to a combination of the Anthrax vaccine, depleted Uranium and contaminated water, they face a more deadly and rapidly moving carcinogen that develops to stage IV cancers within 8 - 24 months. Sister Soldier puts a face on cancer in the military post Operation Iraqi Freedom, as Vietnam veteran's did twenty years later with agent orange and Desert Storm veteran's did fifteen years later with The Gulf War Syndrome. If this is also your story, please click on the link at right for OPERATION PURPLE HEART to contact me.
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